Reimagining Evangelism

    January 14, 2019 | Articles

    Rick Richardson, Associate  Professor and Director of the Masters in Evangelism program at Wheaton College, is the author of “Reimagining Evangelism”, a book I recently read.  He makes some intriguing suggestions regarding a new paradigm for our time.  “The paradigm that dominated much of the twentieth-century might be called ‘Evangelism as Closing the Deal’ or a ‘Sales Call”.  This paradigm put undue pressure on Christians making them feel inadequate to do evangelism as they were not extroverted, persuasive, and an expert in both knowing their product and presenting it.  The new paradigm for this time is one of a travel guide or spiritual mentor helping others on their journey.  Such guides help people see the clues that God is at work in their experience.  These guides also know that their own stories of failure, struggle, doubt, wrong turns, and missed opportunities are as important and compelling to listeners as their stories of success.  Guides also show people that their individual stories are a part of a bigger and grander story that reveals purpose, meaning, and direction.” Please consider reading this insightful book.  I think it will ease any possible unsettling feelings about participating in evangelism.

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