Sunday September 13 Service

    September 11, 2020 | News by Father John Tober

    Dear St. James’ Family—
    In anticipation that the diocese will give approval on Friday to hold in-person services out-of-doors, I’d like to invite you to call or email the church and reserve a spot.  We think we can accommodate 15-20 family units while maintaining adequate social distancing.
    The plan is to hold a service on Sunday at 8am.  Just like going to a restaurant, I’d ask that everyone in your party wear a mask--even if we are outside--for the duration, and refrain from physical contact with others.  Barbara has agreed to play instrumental music for us.  We’ll have ushers, primarily to hand out waivers for adults to sign.
    I realize it’s short notice, but if possible, please notify the church if you’re interested in attending by close of business Friday so that we can assure we aren’t overcrowded.
    Also, please be patient.  As we try and figure out how to make this work there are bound to be hiccups.  Remember we’re doing this for the first time.

    With many blessings,


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