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    Re-Opening Survey
    09.25.20 | News

    Dear fellow parishioners: As you know, we recently conducted a survey (online, with a mailing to those who don't have email) regarding reopening St. James'. The attached PDF is a summary of the results so far. As you can see, only 39...

      Live Service 9/20/2020
      09.18.20 | News | by Father John Tober

      Dear St. James' Family-- The time has come when we are able to offer in-person worship at St. James' again.  However, seating is very limited due to social distancing requirements.  Please email the church at  , or...

        Message to the Parish
        09.15.20 | News | by Father John Tober

        Dear St. James’ Family— Wow; what a week! In between doing the things I usually do to keep the parish on a simmer, the executive committee met to talk about the electronic improvements to the sanctuary to make recording services...

          Sunday September 13 Service
          09.11.20 | News | by Father John Tober

          Dear St. James’ Family— In anticipation that the diocese will give approval on Friday to hold in-person services out-of-doors, I’d like to invite you to call or email the church and reserve a...

            Plans For Reopening
            08.28.20 | News | by Father John Tober

            Dear St. James’ Family— Last weekend Amy and I traveled to Temple, TX, for an in-person follow-up at the transplant center, and received a good report.  The downside of the trip is that we are now self-quarantining for 14 days...

              From the Rectors Desk
              08.15.20 | News | by Father John Tober

              Dear St. James’ Family— As we begin our 5th month of isolation, I’ve heard rumblings recently about people’s frustrations with the steps the churches and the diocese have taken to fight COVID-19.  Believe...