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    From the Rector
    04.20.20 | Priest in Charge | by Father John Tober

    Dear St. James' Family--   Friday in Easter week has one of my favorite scenes from John’s gospel.  It’s taken from the last chapter, which bears reading in its entirety (it’s only 24 verses… you can do it!)...

      From The Senior Warden
      04.16.20 | From The Senior Warden | by Manny Terrazas

      Dear St. James Faithful Happy Easter! We are going through trying times with the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic upon us.  Social distancing and self-quarantine are the new “normal” until further notice.  Know that your...

        Message from Father John
        04.08.20 | Priest in Charge | by Father John Tober

        Dear St. James’ family— Well, it’s both a happy day and a sad day, as I write to you on Palm Sunday.  Today 5 of us gathered at the church for the Liturgy of the Palms to record and post on our Facebook page and...

          Music Selections for 4/2/2020
          04.02.20 | Daily Music Selections | by Carol Nike

          Dear Worship leaders! Today I am going to "trial" the first of St James' Zoom worship sessions at 3pm. I would STRONGLY encourage you as leaders of worship to join me. To reassure you, if you've heard about hackers on zoom, I have the...

          Music Selections For 4/1/2020
          04.01.20 | Daily Music Selections | by Carol Nike

          Dear choir, A good reminder of what is important. I love this song, "Take time to be holy, speak oft with thy Lord" maybe you'd like to sing along today with the video, either outloud where you are, or in your hearts. There have been many...

          Music Selections for 3/31/2020
          03.31.20 | Daily Music Selections | by Carol Nike

          Dear All, I enclose after today's reading an update on Jim Toth from Barbara. Please continue to keep Jim and Barbara in your prayers. When I read today's reading, as a mother, I think of the pain and confusion Mary must've felt. Yet Jesus...

          Music Selections For 3/30/2020
          03.30.20 | Daily Music Selections

          MONDAY, MARCH 30 LUKE 23:32-43 AN OUTLANDISH REQUEST AND RESPONSEJesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”— Luke 23:43 What boldness! Picture it: a convicted felon, admitting that he is...

          Coronavirus Response
          03.13.20 | Resources | by Father John Tober

          Dear St. James’ family— We are experiencing something virtually unprecedented in the lifetimes of many of us. I fear we are at the leading edge of a very difficult and dangerous time for many of our church family.  I’ve...

            Padrecitas Farewell
            06.10.19 | Articles | by Jennifer Terrazas

            St James Episcopal Church, Mesilla Park, NM Our parish has been blessed by having Rev. Jeanne Lutz, as our Priest in Charge for the past 13 months (May 2018-June 2019). Padrecita (as she is so fondly and respectfully known) finished her term as...