St James Episcopal Church Committees

Parish members are encouraged to participate in any of St James Episcopal Church Committees.  In addition, if a group of parishioners sees a need, they may also form an official church committee with the approval of the Vestry.  Any parish member interested in serving on a committee are encouraged to talk to the Rector or Interim-in-Charge. 


The Executive Committee assist the Rector in establishing the monthly agenda for the Vestry meeting. The committee also looks at the present and future needs of the parish.  The committee is composed of: Rector, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, and Clerk of the Vestry  The Executive Committee meets monthly prior to the Vestry meeting.   


The Buildings and Grounds Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the St James Episcopal Church physical plant.  The committee plans and proposes major improvements to the property.  The Committee is chaired by a member of the Parish appointed by the Rector and consist of 4 – 7 members from the Parish membership.  The Junior Warden is a member of the committee, serving as a liaison between the Vestry and the Building and Grounds Committee.  The Parish Sexton is an ex officio members of the Committee. 


The Evangelism, Outreach and Mission Committee (EOM) is responsible for the developing and executing a plan for St James’s outreach.  Initiatives of the committee may include: leading and organizing outreach programs; increasing attendance at St James by increasing local community awareness of St James through appropriate advertising, marketing, and other outreach activities; developing community outreach events; encouraging and training church members in evangelism and marketing the church.  The Evangelism, Outreach and Missions Committee may be comprised of up to seven (7) members of the parish.  The committee is chaired by a member of the Vestry appointed by the RectorRegular members of the committee are selected by the chairperson and the Rector and may serve up to three consecutive years. 


The Finance Committee is a five-member committee responsible for maintaining the financial stability of the Parish through continuing budget analysis; making recommendations for budget expenditures; establishing investment policies for Parish funds; and raising funds, other than through Every Member Canvass, when necessary.  The Committee is chaired by the Senior Warden and shall include the Parish Treasurer among its membership.  The five-member committee’s additional members shall be selected by the Chair.  Terms of service shall be for one year and members may serve consecutive terms.  The Finance Committee shall also act as a Budget Committee and shall be responsible for preparing a proposed budget for the operation of St. James’ during the following calendar year.  The Committee shall have access to Parish financial records to complete its mission and will present the proposed budget to the Vestry. 


The Stewardship Committee reminds St James parish members the need to share their gifts of time, talent, and treasure.  In the fall, the Stewardship Committee coordinates an annual stewardship campaign inviting members to pledge and commit to sharing time, talent, and treasure for the coming year.  Membership is open to all members of the church. The Treasurer of the Parish shall be a member of this Committee.  


An Audit Committee shall be used to Audit the accounts of the church if an independent Certified Public Accountant or independent Licenses Public Accountant is not commissioned to do the annual audit.  This ad-hoc committee will be approved by the Vestry before March 20 after the year being audited. The committee should be independent of the decision making and financial record keeping functions of the audited year.  This means that persons who served on the Vestry for the year being audited are not eligible for membership on this committee. Any parish member that would like to serve in this capacity should contact the Treasurer of St James. 


 This Committee consists of one member of the Vestry, who shall serve as chair and two non-Vestry members.  The Committee shall prepare and present to the Vestry for its approval, procedures for conducting the election of Vestry members and Delegates to the Diocesan Convention at the annual Parish meeting.  The Committee shall prepare and count ballots and submit written results, signed by the members, to the Presiding Officer. 


The Personnel Committee is a 5 member committee, composed on the Senior Warden, one other members of the Vestry and 3 non-Vestry members.  The committee represents the Vestry in all employment-related matters with those persons employed by the Parish. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Vestry for the hiring of employees.  A quorum must be obtained to make said recommendation(s). 

For the election of a Rector, the Parish shall follow the guidelines of the Diocese of the Rio Grande Protocol for a Search Process in Missions and Parishes.


Should members of the Congregation desire the formation of a specific committee, a letter signed by no less than five (5) parishioners should be submitted to the Vestry.  The Vestry will vote on the committee formation, and the committee will remain in effect until the end of that Vestry year.  Each new Vestry will need to vote to continue the existing committees at the beginning of the year.