I was hungry, and you gave me food... I was a stranger, and you made me your guest... I needed clothes, and you provided them for me. (Matt. 25:35-36)


Gospel Rescue Mission

The Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission remains the only shelter in the City that offers Christian guidance, provides emergency food and lodging services 24 hours every day, uses no tax dollars, and seeks to re-assimilate the less fortunate into productive society.

St James Episcopal Church seeks to serve the less fortunate through donations through food, clothing, and much more as needed.

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LifeQuest Ministry at J. Paul Taylor Center

St James' ministry to the young men at the J. Paul Taylor Center west of Las Cruces has continued through 2017 and 2018 as part of LifeQuest, a non-denominational Christian non-profit that serves adjudicated youth throughout New Mexico.  Currently, several St. James parishioners participate in Saturday morning visits twice a month, presenting and discussing with the young men such topics as Decisiveness, Endurance, Security, and Justice.  During the group's time at the center, each dorm is visited which allows the Gospel message to be spread to a wider audience and provides an opportunity to build relationships with more residents.

Questions about LifeQuest?  Check out the website at www.lifequestusa.org

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El Caldito Soup Kitchen


Our mission at El Caldito is to provide a healthy meal daily, in a safe and clean environment, for any hungry person.


Our vision at El Caldito is to continue to fight hunger by providing nutritious meals to our community until the need no longer exists.

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