Our Next Rector

St. James' Church, Las Cruces, seeks a rector for the olderst Episcopal congregation in southern New Mexico (1875) with a long record of service in the area.  Our present church was consecrated in 1912 and built in the style of a traditional English parish.  Our beautiful sanctuary and facilites host a number of events and local organizations.

We seek a rector who:

  • is empathetic and approachable
  • has a sense of humor
  • is an engaging and effective preacher of the gospel
  • is a person with deep spiritual roots who can encourage religious practice in others
  • has a heart for pastoral care
  • has an ability to minister to parishioners at all stages of life
  • will help us find new ways to reach into the community
  • is willing to make a long-term commitment to our parish, as we commit to him/her our prayers and support


Financial Compensation:  Negotiable within diocesan guidelines.  Please see OTM Portfolio for details on proposed compensation.  

Pension Plan:  Each month the congregation pays the Church Pension Fund an assessment of 18% of the clergy person's salary, including the housing allowance.

Heath Insurance.  The compensated clergy of the diocese form a single group for insurance purposes.  Please click here to see more information on Health and Dental Insurance .  

Continuing Education:   In 2019, $1000 was budgeted by the vestry for continuing education.

Travel/Auto:  $5800 was budgeted for travel and mileage in the 2019 budget.